August wrap-up! August has been consumed by work, so there’s just a lot of running errands and sleeping in between.


I have technically finished my measly reading goal of 15 books this year, so I am taking the time to finish a big book that’s been gathering dust on my shelf for over a decade. I have read 21 books so far, and I am gonna keep going, of course.

I deliberately chose a lowball number for my reading goal because I want to read at a leisurely pace and not force myself to read even when I’m exhausted or simply not in the mood. Plus, I take time to pick up books I really want to read!

Meanwhile, my TBR is piling up. My order from a few months ago finally arrived, a Ferrante and a Ditlevsen. Much as I want to dive into those acclaimed books, I am committed to finishing Infinite Jest because I am finally in the right headspace for it. Certain chapters are immensely satisfying. It helps that I recently read his biography, so I have another layer of reference to better grasp the material knowing what the author was going through at the time of writing.


Since I started a new, full-time job this month, I’ve mostly been listening to the news to be updated and to inform my writing. I have been jogging a lot more, though. These are some of the running playlists on Spotify that keep me pumped up for that runner’s high:


In August, I’ve mostly been watching comforting content; things that aren’t too difficult to digest and can even play in the background while doing chores. And these are:

When to watch: If you want to restore your faith in humanity (The Office, not so much) and celebrate the day-to-day

You will like this if you like… watching slice-of-life content.


Dave’s Walks (YouTube)

When to vibe: If you are craving for some nature but unable to go out (hello, lockdowns!). Also great for putting in the background while working, reading or relaxing.

Dave’s countryside walks are calming and scenic. The videos are one take, so no editing, no music, no cuts, just pure ambience but moving. I imagine if you have VR equipment, you can enhance the feeling of walking into those lush, English countrysides.

You will like this if you like…  ASMR, ambience, no talking atmospheric videos.

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