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Monthly Picks - Pika Pika 005- Story Time Asia


August wrap-up! August has been consumed by work, so thereโ€™s just a lot of running errands and sleeping in between. I have technically finished my measly reading goal of 15 books this year, so I am taking the time to finish a big book thatโ€™s been gathering dust on my shelf for over a decade.

Monthly Picks - Pika Pika 004- Story Time Asia


This never-ending pandemic continues to wear us down, but here are some of the content that kept me mentally stable during the month of July.

Bird by Bird Anne Lamott book review, On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous book review

The healing magic of words and writing

Writing has always been a therapeutic activity for me. These two books reminded me about the healing magic of words and writing. One is aspirational, while the other is motivational.